Welcome to ECHEMS 2017

ECHEMS is an international series of meetings established in 2005, aimed at promoting the development of electrochemistry as a powerful tool to study scientific problems in diverse hot areas of research.

The XII ECHEMS Meeting will take place from June 6th to June 9th 2017 in Milano Marittima, Italy, with the theme  Electrochemistry in… ingenious molecules, surfaces and devices.


THEME: The Meeting will thus focus on electroactive molecules, materials, thin films, surfaces/modified surfaces… of new/advanced design and with new/advanced functions (for example: electrical, optical, magnetic, catalytic, electrochromic, chiral, biological, coordination…) for innovative applications and devices, or enabling improved performances in current ones, (for example: sensors, modified/catalytic electrodes, optoelectronic devices, energy and/or conversion devices, electrochromic devices, actuators, spin-selective electrochemistry, molecular assemblies, nanoobjects…) dealing with issues like design, preparation, characterization, implementation in applications and devices, testing and interpretation

FORMULA: The Meeting is planned to include plenary/tutorial lectures, keynote/invited lectures, oral communications and a poster session.

LOCATION: The Meeting will be held in green and elegant sea­side resort town Milano Marittima on the Adriatic Sea, adjacent to the historical Cervia town , famous for its salt pro­du­ction since the Roman age, and near Ravenna, famous for its Roman/Byzantine archi­tecture and mosaics listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Milano Marittima is an exclusive and renowned resort founded 104 years ago by people from  Milano (hence its name), immersed in the pine­wood, warmly wel­co­ming with its beautiful gardens, elegant shops and attractive sport and fitness facilities.

PREMISES: The Meeting will take place in the large, renowned Grand Hotel Gallia ****, near the seaside and at a few minutes walk from the town centre, with excellent restaurant and conference facilities. Budget conference fees for seniors and juniors will include accommodation in the ****hotel, meals, conference facilities, book of abstracts, coffee breaks, and social activities.