Nazareno Panichella (Milan, 1982) is Assistant Professor of Economic Sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Milan.

He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the GSSPS of the University of Milan, with a thesis on the labour market integration of Southern internal migrants in the North of Italy.

He taught courses on data analysis and statistics, labour market, education and training and sociology of work.

In May 2017 he obtained the National Certification (Abilitazione nazionale) for the role of Associate Professor (Professore associato) in Economic Sociology

Research interests: Social stratification and mobility; Ethnicity and migration; Integration of immigrants and their offspring; Internal migration and human mobility; Inequality of educational opportunities; Educational returns; Demography; Life course; Fertility; Quantitative methods for social science.

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University of Milan
Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS)
Via Conservatorio, 7
20122 Milano (Italy)
Phone (office): (+39) 02. 503.21165
email: nazareno.panichella@unimi.it