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Max Planck Day – 14 September 2018 – Germany

On 14 September, the Max Planck Society will celebrate Max Planck Day throughout Germany, marking its founding 70 years earlier. On this day, more than 80 institutes will present their research, proclaiming “We are Max Planck!”

On Max Planck Day, the three Hamburg-based institutes will join forces for the first time. Scholars will present their research in the form of brief presentations while travelling between stations on the old Circle Line of the historic Hamburg city railway.

The research fields of the MPI for Meteorology, the MPI for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, and the MPI for Comparative and International Private Law could not be more different from one another, but what they all share in common is their foundational research and their passion for knowledge.
To find all the events surrounding the Max Planck Society’s big, nationwide festival of science and research, click here (in German):

Updated: September 11, 2018 — 9:05 am

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