Partial list of invited speakers


  • Fiorella Biasi – Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy) Oxysterol-dependent damage of the gut: mechanistic analysis and prevention
  • Nikolaus Bresgen – University of Salzburg (Austria)
  • Michael Jonathan Davies – University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Maria Fedorova – Universität Leipzig (Germany) – Omics view on oxidized lipids and lipid-protein adducts in metabolic disorder
  • Francesco Galli –University of Perugia (Italy) The H atom-donating properties of vitamin E a century after its discovery and their potential to treat hepatic peroxidation and lipotoxocity in NASH
  • Anne Negre Salvayre – Université de Toulouse (France) Hydroxynonenal contribution to skin fibroblast senescence evoked by UV-A radiations, and protective effect of carnosine   
  • Yoshiro Saito – Tohoku University (Japan) Selenoprotein P and lipid peroxidation- dual face against pancreatic beta cell function
  • Corinne Spickett – Aston University, (UK)Recent advances in phospholipid oxidation and understanding its biological effects through adducts with proteins – a European network project
  • Oren Tirosh – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) A new horizon for muscle food protection against carbonyls, peroxides and carcinogens formation
  • Jose Vina – Free Radical Theory of Frailty
  • Huiyong Yin – Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (China) Mitochondrial Adeldehyde Dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) in Atherosclerosis – Beyond the Detoxification of Active Aldehydes.