Seminario “Eco-efficient production and Life Cycle Assessment”

L’applicazione del Life Cycle Assessment per la valutazione delle prestazioni ambientali dei diversi processi agro-aimentari è via via sempre più diffusa. All’interno della Scuola di dottorato in “Agricoltura, Ambiente e Bioenergia” viene organizzato un seminario dal titolo “Eco-efficient production of cereals in a changed climate: challenges and opportunities of using Life Cycle Assessment” con relatore la Dott.ssa Niero della Technical University of Denmark

Il seminario si svolgere il 16 gennaio 2017 alle ore 11.00 in aula Pellizzi (Facoltà di Scienze Agrarie e Alimentari, Via Celoria 2, Milano)

Per maggiori dettagli: Seminario_Dr.Niero

Abstract: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a scientific method to holistically assess the environmental sustainability of products and systems, including agricultural systems. A case study on the use of LCA to predict how the environmental impacts of barley cultivation will respond to changing climate under Danish conditions will be presented. An approach to deal with uncertainty in future LCA scenarios addressing the effect of climate change in crop production will be discussed.

The speaker: Niero is a researcher at the Division for Quantitative Sustainability Asssessment, Department of Management Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, Kgs Lyngby (DK). She got her PhD in Industrial Engineering in 2013, with the thesis “Solutions to improve the reliability and applicability of Life Cycle Assessment in Industry”. During 2013 and 2014 she was PostDoc at the Technical University of Denmark, Dep. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, where she was involved in the NordForsk project “Sustainable primary production in a changing climate”. In June 2013 she received the second award of the Young Italian LCA Researchers Award, organized by the Italian LCA Network. She is member of the Italian LCA Network, being part of the working groups: agri-food, waste management and treatment. Since May 2014 she is collaborating with Carlsberg Group in the realization of research projects implementing circular economy in the packaging and agricultural sectors, with two post-doctoral fellowships awarded by the Carlsberg Foundation