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The food system is not ready for the future: how can innovation help?

The European food system is NOT ready for the future.
FIT4FOOD2030 (EU funded project) looks at how Research & Innovation can prepare the foodsystem for the future.
The FOOD 2030 Platform connects stakeholders at a European, national and local level, and will:

  1. help policy makers and ministries dealing with the food system to align Research & Innovation programmes and
  2. build skills and knowledge among current and future researchers,
    entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and the society at large to enable change.

The new FOOD 2030 Platform connects European, national and local stakeholders to help policy/decision makers and researchers to improve their Research & Innovation programmes and build skills and knowledge across the different sectors and populations for a future-proof European food system.

Link to FIT4FOOD2030 project

Link to Video: Prof Jacqueline Broerse explaining how FIT4FOOD203 will contribute to making the European food system future-proof.