Antonio Mandarino’s talk on Tue 18 July

Antonio Mandarino from the Polish Academy of Science will be with us from 17 to 21 July.

On Tue 18 Jul 2:30PM (auletta QO, 5th floor LITA) he
will deliver the following seminar

Bipartite unitary gates and billiard dynamics
in the Weyl chamber

We investigate the long time behaviour of unitary quantum
gate acting on two subsystems each of dimension N. We have
derived a formula for the dynamics of a typical nonlocal
two-qubit gate, underlining the connection with the dynamics
of a free particle in a billiard. We show that the time trajectory
of such a gate is equivalent to an ensemble of random gates
uniformly distributed according to a suitable measure. In case
of arbitrary dimensions we show that entropy averaged over time
and over an ensemble of unitary gates give asymptotically the same