Call to accelerate Quantum Technologies across Europe

Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Gunther H. Oettinger, and Minister of Economic Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Henk Kamp, today visited QuTech, a world-class institute building devices for Quantum Computers and Quantum Internet in Delft. The Commissioner and the Minister stated that action is needed to ensure Europe remains a world leader in Quantum Technology.

As competition in the field is becoming more intense globally (e.g. US and Asian competitors are actively investing), we must ensure that Europe’s innovators can translate scientific excellence into concrete applications and market results, thus offering Europe’s industry the opportunity to excel in the global sphere.

The community of researchers in Quantum Technologies is preparing a “Quantum Manifesto” describing a common European vision on how to maintain Europe’s world leadership in Quantum Technologies. The Manifesto should be ready for endorsement in May 2016. More details here.

The Applied Quantum Mechanics group @ UniMI fully supports this initiative and encourages all the members of the community and encourages everyone to endorse the Manifesto.