Matteo Bina joined AQM

Dr. Matteo Bina joined us as starting from February 2013 as a research
fellow within the LiChiS project led by Stefano Olivares.

All the AQM’s members congratulates Matteo on this success. This
is a very good news for AQM, which is steadily growing and quickly
becoming a European theoretical facility for quantum estimation of
states and operation for quantum technology.

Paper on discording power published in PRL

Good news for AQM. A new paper introducing the discording power of a unitary transformation has been just published in PRL. The paper reports the results of a collaboration of a group member (Matteo) with Francesco Plastina from Calabria University and Fernando Galve and Roberta Zambrini from University of Balearic Islands.

The discording power of a unitary transformation assesses its capability to produce quantum discord, and the Letter shows that exist gates which are optimal discorders for any value of purity and that they belong to a class of operators that includes the SWAP. Other gates, even those universal for quantum computation, do not posses the same property: the CNOT, for example, is a perfect discorder only for states with low or unit purity, but not for intermediate values. The discording power of a two-qubit unitary also provides a generalization of the corresponding measure defined for entanglement to any value of the purity.

More details at

Post-doc position available

There is an opening for a two-year post doc position in our group. The research activities concern collective and single-particle phenomena investigated via advanced analytic methods plus classical and quantum numerical simulations. Multiple research lines in physics of matter focusing on fronteer problems concerning atoms, electrons and photons. (Codice tematica 013 – Docente Responsabile Nicola Manini). Details here.

Project LiCHIS

The FIRB project “LiCHIS – Light Correlations for High-precision Innovative Sensing”, lead by Stefano Olivares, officially started on March 8th, 2012. The project, supported by MIUR through the program “FIRB 2010 – Futuro in Ricerca”, involves three Research Units: one theoretical, the Milano Unit (at the Physics Department of the Università degli Studi di Milano) and two experimental, the Como Unit (at the Physics and Mathematics Department of the Università degli Studi dell’Insubria) and the Torino Unit (at I.N.Ri.M.). Within the Project, the Units will design and develop innovative, high precision measurement schemes based on the correlations existing between two or more beams of light.

See LiCHIS website for more details.

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