Talk by Roberto Osellame on Wed, March 23th

Roberto Osellame from Politecnico di Milano is visiting us during the afternoon of Wed, March 23th.

He will deliver a seminar at 2:30 PM, Aula Polvani 

Integrated quantum photonics in femtosecond-laser-written circuits

Quantum information concepts and ideas open new exciting perspectives in many applications, such as communications, computing, measurement science and sensing. Indeed, the unique properties of quantum mechanics can provide unprecedented security to cryptography, increase in sensitivity for sensing devices, exponential speed-up in computing and simulation of complex quantum systems. However, until recent years, severe limitations to the photonic realization of quantum experiments were imposed by the stability and size requirements of bulk optics. More recently, the exploitation of waveguide optics allowed robust operation and monolithic miniaturization, thus opening new perspectives for quantum experiments exploiting photonic qubits. Femtosecond laser micromachining is an ideal solution for the realization of such circuits in transparent dielectric media. Indeed, femtosecond laser pulses can be used as a “pen” to directly inscribe low-loss waveguides inside the substrate in three-dimensional geometry, thus allowing the fabrication of rather complex circuits integrated in a single chip. In this seminar I will review many examples of laser written circuits that enabled significant advances in quantum simulation, computing and cryptography.

Talk by Johannes Nokkala at AQM

Johannes Nokkala (University of Turku) will be visiting AQM from 14 to 18 March.

He will give a talk on Wednesday 16 March, 2 PM, at Auletta Ottica Quantistica (V piano LITA).

Johannes Nokkala (University of Turku)

Complex Quantum Networks as structured environments: engineering and probing

1st QuProCS meeting in Milan 8-10 March 2016

The first meeting of the EU consortium QuProCS will take place in Milan from 8 to 10 March 2016 at Sala Napoleonica, via S. Antonio 12, Milan. You can find the (draft) program here.

The venue is in the city centre and is a short walk from the Duomo (metro lines M1 and M3) and the Metro station Missori (line M3).

Some useful links:

Public city transport in Milan

From Malpensa Airport (MXP): Train to Milano Cadorna and then metro line M1 to Duomo or trainBus1 or Bus2 to Milano Centrale and then M3 to Duomo.

From Linate Airport (LIN)Bus to Piazza San Babila (digit 73 to search the route).

From Bergamo Orio Al Serio Airport (BGY): Bus to Milano Centrale and then M3 to Duomo.

See the maps below for details. Milan local transport is also well documented on Google Maps (including timetables).

Map of conference site and directions for the venue (click on the image to enlarge):

Directions to QuProCS-Meeting


Map of the conference site and some hotels


Giacomo Tanzi’s talk

On February 17th, Wednesday, 12:00 AM in AQM room, (Department of Physics, LITA 5th floor).

Giacomo Tanzi Marlotti (Unimi PhD student) will deliver a seminar on a recent published research about quantum theoretical modeling of the properties of positronium atoms in small cavities. The title of the seminar is “A new insight on positronium confinement in nanoporous materials”.

Paolo Giorda’s talk

On Wednesday 21 October, 2PM AQM Room, Paolo Giorda (INRIM Torino) will be with us and deliver a talk entitled

Quantum effects in open systems dynamics and their roots in the Decoherent Histories Approach. An application to energy transfer processes in simple photosynthetic systems: the Quantum Recoil Avoiding effect and energy transfer efficiency.


Jacopo Trapani and Giacomo Guarnieri talks

On Wednesday 7 October, 2PM AQM room @ LITA 5th floor (together with a coffee), Jacopo Trapani and Giacomo Guarnieri (PhD student @ UNIMI) will deliver their 2-nd year seminars

2 PM Jacopo Trapani

Noisy quantum phase communication channels.

2:30 PM Giacomo Guarnieri

Energy backflow and non-Markovian dynamics


Matteo Rossi talk

Matteo Rossi will deliver  his summer-school seminar on Wednesday 30 September, at 2 PM at Auletta di Ottica Quantistica (5th floor LITA building), entitled “Quantum estimation from incomplete information”.

Antonio Mandarino talk

Antonio Mandarino, will deliver a talk on Wednesday, September 23th 2015, 2 PM at the Auletta di Ottica Quantistica (LITA 5th floor).

Fidelity in tomographic reconstruction of continuous variable systems

Abstract: Fidelity is a widely adopted measure of closeness between quantum states either pure or mixed. Although it is not a proper distance in the Hilbert space, fidelity can be linked to distances inducing a metric over the manifold of density matrix. This relation is commonly adopted to justify the assumption that states with a high value of fidelity, viz. 0.9 or 0.99 is enough to certify that two states shares identical physical properties. We analyze a set of experimentally generated quantum states by means of tomographic analysis. Hence we will show that benchmarking with the usual fidelity thresholds does not accomplish that task, in addition we emphasise how only full quantum tomography does.

Quantum Technology Lab – Dipartimento di Fisica – Università degli Studi di Milano