Jacopo Trapani and Giacomo Guarnieri talks

On Wednesday 7 October, 2PM AQM room @ LITA 5th floor (together with a coffee), Jacopo Trapani and Giacomo Guarnieri (PhD student @ UNIMI) will deliver their 2-nd year seminars

2 PM Jacopo Trapani

Noisy quantum phase communication channels.

2:30 PM Giacomo Guarnieri

Energy backflow and non-Markovian dynamics


Matteo Rossi talk

Matteo Rossi will deliver  his summer-school seminar on Wednesday 30 September, at 2 PM at Auletta di Ottica Quantistica (5th floor LITA building), entitled “Quantum estimation from incomplete information”.

Antonio Mandarino talk

Antonio Mandarino, will deliver a talk on Wednesday, September 23th 2015, 2 PM at the Auletta di Ottica Quantistica (LITA 5th floor).

Fidelity in tomographic reconstruction of continuous variable systems

Abstract: Fidelity is a widely adopted measure of closeness between quantum states either pure or mixed. Although it is not a proper distance in the Hilbert space, fidelity can be linked to distances inducing a metric over the manifold of density matrix. This relation is commonly adopted to justify the assumption that states with a high value of fidelity, viz. 0.9 or 0.99 is enough to certify that two states shares identical physical properties. We analyze a set of experimentally generated quantum states by means of tomographic analysis. Hence we will show that benchmarking with the usual fidelity thresholds does not accomplish that task, in addition we emphasise how only full quantum tomography does.

Stefano Pirandola talk at AQM

We are glad to announce that Stefano Pirandola (University of York) will deliver a talk on Tuesday 14 July at the Aula di Ottica Quantistica (5th floor LITA building). An abstract of the talk follows.

Stefano Pirandola (University of York)

Relay-based protocols in correlated-noise Gaussian environments

We consider continuous-variable protocols exploiting a quantum relay, such as entanglement swapping, quantum teleportation, and QKD. Their theory is extended to a non-Markovian spatial model of decoherence characterized by correlated Gaussian noise. Even if bipartite entanglement is completely lost at the relay, we show that the various protocols can progressively be reactivated by the separable noise-correlations of the environment.

Elsi-Mari Laine and Massimo Borrelli visiting AQM

Elsi-Mari Laine and Massimo Borrelli from the University of Turku (Finland) will visit us from Monday 13 to Friday 17 July.

They will deliver two talks on Wednesday 15 July.

Room: Aula di Ottica Quantistica (5th floor LITA building)

17:00: Elsi-Mari Laine (University of Turku)

“Dynamics of incompatibility of quantum measurements in open systems”

The non-classical nature of quantum states, whether depicted with entanglement or quantum discord, is often considered as resource for quantum information protocols. However, the non-classicality of a quantum system cannot be encapsulated as a property of the state alone, as the set of available measurements used to extract information on the system may also be restricted. In this work we study how the non-classicality of quantum measurements, quantified via their incompatibility, is influenced by quantum noise and, further, how a non-Markovian environment may help us in maintaining the measurement resources.

17:30: Massimo Borrelli (University of Turku)

“Quantum probing of complex systems”

Quantum probes are controllable quantum objects that can be used to investigate complex systems via tailored, engineered interactions. By monitoring the dynamics of the probe(s) one can directly access some of the complex system’s features, such as average quantities and correlations. In this talk we are going to give a brief introduction to quantum probes, with particular emphasis on the open-system approach. Furthermore, we are going to discuss a few examples of successful applications of quantum probing to many-body systems.

Matteo Bina joins AQM

Matteo Bina will join us starting from June 2015 as UniMI research fellow on a project about Quantum Technology. Congrats to Matteo and welcome on board!

Claudia Benedetti joins AQM

Claudia Benedetti will join us starting from June 2015 as post-doc within the EU Proactive project QuProCs – “Quantum Probes for Complex Systems”.

Congrats to Claudia and Welcome on board!

1st AQM meeting @ Modena

Modena, 23 – 25 June 2015


A focused workshop devoted to the synthesis and the characterization of quantum states, measurements and operations for the development of novel quantum technologies in open quantum systems will take place in Modena from 23 to 25 June 2015.

The workshop will represent the kick-off meeting for the newly established Quantum Technology Lab (QTL) of UniMI, a novel research center aimed at developing new solutions to problems in fundamental and applied science by using new tools based on quantum physics and quantum technologies and by building-up core competences for the wider exploitation of quantum science and technologies in mainstream engineering.

The workshop is organized by M. G. A. Paris thanks to the support of EU through the Collaborative Projects QuProCS (Grant Agreement 641277) and UniMI through the H2020 Transition Grant 14-6-3008000-625.

Program of the workshop (PDF)

Quantum Technology Lab – Dipartimento di Fisica – Università degli Studi di Milano