Seminar by Maciej Lewenstein

We are happy to announce that Prof. Maciej Lewenstein from ICFO is going to visit us and deliver a seminar.

Speaker: Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO – Barcelona)
When: Tuesday, 26th April 2022, 2:30PM (CEST)
Where: Aula Polvani & online (Zoom)

Title: Quantum Information Science and Quantum Technologies at Quantum Optics Group at ICFO

In my talk I will give an overview of research lines in my group that belong to the Quantum Information area: 1) Detection and characterization of entanglement and Bell correlations in many body systems; 2) Quantum Simulators; 3) Quantum Thermodynamics; 4) Quantum Metrology and Estimation; 5) Interpreting Quantum Phenomena in Music. I focus on demand on those aspect that will be the most interesting for the audience.