Lab. di Fisica del Laser 1


Simone Cialdi

Introduzione [pdf]

A. L. Schawlow, C. H. Townes

“Infrared and Optical Masers” [pdf]

J. H. Sanders

“Optical maser design” [pdf]

A. Javan

“Possibility of production of negative temperature in gas discharges” [pdf]

T. H. Maiman

“Optical and microwave-optical experiments in ruby” [pdf]

LIGO collaboration

“A gravitational wave observatory operating beyond the quantum shot-noise limit” [pdf]

O. A.Hurricane et al.

“Fuel gain exceeding unity in an inertially confined fusion implosion” [pdf]

Equazioni del LASER [pdf]

Nd:YAG [pdf]

L. W. Casperson

“Laser power calculations: sources of error” [pdf]

D. Golla, M. Bode, S. Knoke, W. Schone, A. Tunnermann

“62-W cw TEM00 Nd:YAG laser side-pumped by fiber-coupled diode lasers” [pdf]

Cavità ottiche [pdf]

W. Koechner

“Thermal lensing in a Nd:YAG laser rod” [pdf]

C. Jacinto, T. Catunda, D. Jaque, L. E. Bausá, J. García-Solé

“Thermal lens and heat generation of Nd:YAG lasers operating at 1.064 and 1.34 μm” [pdf]

W. A. Clarkson, N. S. Felgate, D. C. Hanna

“Simple method for reducing the depolarization loss resulting from thermally induced birefrangence in solid-state lasers” [pdf]

Javier Hanna

“Laser and gaussian beam propagation in transformation” [pdf]

V. Magni

“Multielement stable resonators containing a variable lens” [pdf]

P. A. Belanger

“Beam propagation and the ABCD ray matrices” [pdf]

S. Feng, H. G. Winful

“Physical origin of the Guoy phase shift” [pdf]

V. J. Pinto-Robledo and E. B. Mejía

“Comparison of Three- and Four-Mirror Resonator Designs of Ti:Sapphire Lasers” [pdf]

Xinglong Wang, Guojiang Hu, Yu Li, and Jianquan Yao

“Numerical analysis of beam parameters and stability regions in a folded or ring cavity” [pdf]

D. C. Hanna

“Astigmatic Gaussian Beams Produced by Axially Asymmetric Laser Cavities” [pdf]

Caratteristiche spettrali del Laser [pdf]

Nyquist sampling theorem [pdf]

A. L. Schawlow, C. H. Townes

“Infrared adn optical maser” (allargamento di riga quantistico) [pdf]

V. Evtuhov, A. E. Siegman

“A ‘Twisted-mode’ thchnique for obtaining axially uniform energy density in a laser cavity” [pdf]

K. I. Martin, W. A. Clarkson, and D. C. Hanna

“Self-suppression of axial mode hopping by intracavity second-harmonic generation” [pdf]

Transient Laser behavior [pdf]

T. J. Menne

“Analysis of the uniform rate equation model of laser dynamics” [pdf]

K. Otsuka

“Multimode laser dynamics” [pdf]

W. G. Wagner, B. A. Lengyel

“Evolution of the giant pulse in a laser” [pdf]

S. Cialdi, F. Castelli, F. Prati

“Lasers as Toda oscillators: An experimental confirmation” [pdf]

Mode Locking [pdf]

D. J. Kuizenga, A. E. Siegman

“FM and AM mode locking of the homogeneous laser” [pdf]

H. A. Haus

“Theory of mode locking with a fast saturable absorber” [pdf]

G. H. C. New

“Pulse evolution in mode-locked quasi-continuous lasers” [pdf]

G. Cerullo, S. De Silvestri, V. Magni

“Self-starting Kerr-lens mode locking of a Ti:sapphire laser” [pdf]

I. D. Jung, F. X. Kartner, N. Matuschek, D. H. Sutter, F. Marier-Genoud, G. Zhang, U. Keller

“Self-starting 6.5fs pulses from a Ti:sapphire laser” [pdf]

C. Ho¨nninger, R. Paschotta, F. Morier-Genoud, M. Moser, and U. Keller

“Q-switching stability limits of continuous-wave passive mode locking” [pdf]

H. A. Haus

“Parameter Ranges for CW Passive Mode Locking” [pdf]

Appendice: Elementi ottici [pdf]

Appendice: Amplificatori ottici [pdf]

Appendice: Realizzazione e allineamento di sistemi ottici [pdf]

Appendice: Stabilizzazione attiva di una cavità ottica [pdf]

Appendice: Laser combs [pdf]

Appendice: Ottica non lineare [pdf]


Quantum Technology Lab – Dipartimento di Fisica – Università degli Studi di Milano