Techniques and experties


Patch-clamp and MEA

We have 3 patch-clamp setups equipped with Axopatch 200B amplifiers, axon digidata (1440 and 1550B), 7 lines fast flow perfusion system, temperature controller.

1 multichannel multi-electrode array (64 electrodes)

IN vivo telemetry

in vivo telemetry

We have 10 radiofrequencytransmitters (TA10ETA-F20,DataSciences International)


pluripotent stem cell factory

We have at the moment more than 20 lines of both murine and human pluripotent stem cells (mESC and hiPS) generated in house or acquired through collaborations.

We have protocols to specifically differentiate mESC into sinoatrial cardiomyocytes and hiPSC into atrial and pacemaker cardiomyocytes.