Clinical biochemistry special issue

Measurement uncertainty in medical laboratories: friend or foe?

Measurement uncertainty: Friend or foe?
Ilenia Infusino , Mauro Panteghini

Defining permissible limits for the combined uncertainty budget in the implementation of metrological traceability
Federica Braga , Mauro Panteghini

Performance specifi cations and six sigma theory: Clinical chemistry and industry compared
W.P. Oosterhuis , M.J.M.J. Severens

What information on measurement uncertainty should be communicated to clinicians, and how?
Mario Plebani , Laura Sciacovelli , Daniela Bernardi , Ada Aita , Giorgia Antonelli , Andrea Padoan

The role of external quality assessment in the verifi cation of in vitro medical diagnostics in the traceability era
Federica Braga , Sara Pasqualetti , Mauro Panteghini

Sources and performance criteria of uncertainty of reference measurement procedures
Andrea Mosca , Renata Paleari

Deriving proper measurement uncertainty from Internal Quality Control data: An impossible mission?
Ferruccio Ceriotti

Measurement uncertainty in laboratory reports: A tool for improving the interpretation of test results
Andrea Padoan , Laura Sciacovelli , Ada Aita , Giorgia Antonelli , Mario Plebani

Ensuring suitable quality of clinical measurements through design
Anthony Orzechowski , Victoria Petrides , Richard Scopp

Different top-down approaches to estimate measurement uncertainty of whole blood tacrolimus mass concentration values
Raül Rigo-Bonnin , Aurora Blanco-Font , Francesca Canalias

Random uncertainty of photometric determination of hemolysis index on the Abbott Architect c16000 platform
Elena Aloisio , Assunta Carnevale , Sara Pasqualetti , Sarah Birindelli , Alberto Dolci , Mauro Panteghini