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Inorganic chemistry A

Students will acquire theoretical competencies in the field of synthesis, characterization of organometallic complexes as well as in their chemical reactivity. Lessons are planned to actively involve students in scientific discussions in order to develop their proper and personal viewpoints on all treated topics.
Laboratory experiences will furnish skills, which are compulsory to fully understand the chemistry of organometallic compounds.

Inorganic Chemistry A

General and inorganic chemistry

The primary goal of the course is to provide a solid foundation in the basic concepts and facts of general and inorganic chemistry, particularly those needed for a successful understanding of other subjects for which chemistry is a prerequisite. Basic laboratory skills will be also provided, which are fundamental to the student for properly facing the subsequent laboratory courses. Last but not least, the course aims to give the student an appreciation of the importance of chemistry to society in general and to daily life in particular.

General and inorganic chemistry


A number of projects about the topics highlighted in the research page are always running. The group always welcomes students from the Bachelor and Master degrees of the University of Milan, if you are interested in performing your thesis work with us, please contact professor Emma Gallo (emma.gallo@unimi.it) to make an appointment.

 Foreign students are welcome, Professor Emma Gallo is the Erasmus Coordinator for the Chemistry Department at University of Milan and she can surely help you to manage all the administrative documents. 

Bachelor’s degree internship

During the three months of internship you will learn how to work in the laboratory developing a brief self-contained project. You will be helped by our PhD students and post-doctoral researchers and every step of the research activity will be discussed with the professor.

Master's thesis

During the year that you will spend in our laboratory you will learn how to work and develop a scientific project. In the first months you will be trained by the PhD students and post-doctoral researchers of our group till you will be independent. You will have the possibility do discuss frequently with the professor in order to decide how to develop your project.

International Students

In the laboratory are welcome foreigner students who are searching a research laboratory where spend their international period. If you need more information, contact directly prof. Emma Gallo.


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