PhD student profile, Giulia Chiodaroli

PhD Student: Giulia Chiodaroli (ORCID n. 0000-0003-1660-4688)


Supervisor: Prof. Alessandra Marti, DeFENS

Co-tutor: Prof. Mario Martinez, Aarhus University

Dean: Prof. Diego Mora

Research area: Food Science and Nutrition


Research topic

Role of macromolecules in designing and optimizing processes for biofunctional-enriched foods


Project Synopsis

To lower the environmental impact of the food system, the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goals suggest a dietary shift towards the use of sustainable crops. Thanks to their environmental, agronomic, and compositional traits, pulses are excellent raw materials to achieve this goal. To promote the use of pulses in foods, some technological issues should be solved. This PhD aims at investigating the suitability of pulses or their fractions – obtained by both conventional and more sustainable processes – for different applications as cereal-based products (e.g., bread and pasta) or meat-analogues. To do this, the formulation and the processes will be optimized highlighting the relationship between the characteristics of the raw materials and the quality of the final products.


Project keywords

Legumes, plant-based foods, process engineering



DeFENS (Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences), Università degli Studi di Milano.

Via Celoria 2, 20133 Milano




Prof. Barbiroli Alberto Giuseppe – Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences / Università degli Studi di Milano

Prof. Joanna Harasym – Department of Biotechnology and Food Analysis / Wroclaw University of Economics

Prof. Daniela Martini – Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences / Università degli Studi di Milano



Fellowship sponsor: Università degli Studi di Milano



Rabitti, N. S., Appiani, M., Marti, A., Buratti, S., Benedetti, S., Chiodaroli, G., Proserpio, C., & Laureati, M. (2022). Valorization of Common (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench.) and Tartary (Fagopyrum tataricum Gaertn.) Buckwheat in Gluten-Free Polenta Samples: Chemical-Physical and Sensory Characterization. Foods, 11(21), 3442. DOI: 10.3390/foods11213442


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