Sat, Feb 22 2020
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Luca Casartelli

After my PhD at the University of Geneva (Geneva - Switzerland, 2014), actually I have a post-doc position at the Research Hospital - Scientific Institute IRCCS E.Medea, and I am fellow at the Developmental Psychopathology Unit of the San Raffaele University (Milan). My work is supported by a grant from the Italian Ministry of Health. My main interests are motor cognition and motor resonance mechanisms in (a)typical brain development, but I am also investigating non-motor functions of the cerebellum. We are studying motor, psychophysical and electrophysiological markers of (a)typical brain development using different techniques (e.g. kinematic analysis, EEG/EMG, psychophysics, etc.). I collaborate with the University of Parma (Italy), the University of Geneva (Switzerland), and the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa (Italy).Email: