Sat, Feb 22 2020
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Camilla Derchi

Chiara-Camilla Derchi (1987) is a PhD student at the School of Philosophy and Human Sciences of the University of Milan. She obtained her MA in Philosophy of Mind and Language (2012) at San Raffaele University in Milan. Her MA thesis investigated the relationship between conscious thought and schizophrenia. Her interest in philosophy of mind and cognitive science led her to investigate more in depth from an experimental approach the structure and functioning of the brain. Her following master course in in Cognitive Science (2013) gave her the opportunity to have access to the laboratories thus gaining invaluable hands-on experience with the latest research technologies, including fMRI, EEG, TMS. During master course in Cognitive Science, she did one-year internship (2014) at IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) where she worked in Neuroscience and Brain Technologies Department on a project focused on behavioural cognitive analyses of mutant mice bearing targeting mutations of schizophrenia-susceptibility genes.She is currently working in Professor Marcello Massimini's Lab on the creation and the setup of a new neurophysiological method which aim is to distinguish between intentional and non-intentional movements both in vegetative - minimally conscious state patients and healthy controls, based on high-density EEG (64 channels), EOG (electro-oculogram), EMG (electro-myogram) and infrared eye-tracker.