Sat, Feb 22 2020
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Daria Vitasovic

I am a PhD student of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences at University of Milan (enrolled 2015/16), working under the supervision of Corrado Sinigaglia. I received my MA from Central European University (2015), where I wrote my master thesis under the supervision of David Pitt in the area of Phenomenal Intentionality. I investigated the possibility of scientific grounding of Cognitive Phenomenology in Cognitive Science. I was particularly concerned with the case of unconscious thought. I also hold a Diploma from University of Zagreb (2011) in philosophy and religious science with the thesis in Philosophy of Mind and Personal Identity. My main interests are in the Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science, especially intentionality and phenomenal character of experiences. In particular, my main research focus is in Cognitive Phenomenology, which I am investigating from both philosophical and empirical perspective. I also have a growing interest in philosophy of perception, metaphysics, personal identity, philosophy of science (especially philosophy and physics of time and space and complex systems theory), and philosophy of life sciences, in particular philosophy of biology.