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Welcome! My name is Luca Rondi and I am an Associate Professor in Mathematical Analysis at the Dipartimento di Matematica of the Università di Milano in Italy.

Luca Rondi   
Dipartimento di Matematica "Federigo Enriques" officeroom 2051 (attic/sottotetto)
Università degli Studi di Milano phone+39 02 503 16194
via Saldini, 50 e-mailluca.rondi at
20133 Milano skypeluca.rondi

My research activity deals with the study of partial differential equations, with the main focus on inverse problems associated to them. I am particularly interested in problems related to Electrical Impedance Tomography and Inverse Scattering. I am also interested in the Calculus of Variations, shape optimization and imaging.

My most recent publications are (in reverse chronological order of writing)

  • José Antonio Carrillo, Joan Mateu, Maria Giovanna Mora, Luca Rondi, Lucia Scardia and Joan Verdera, The equilibrium measure for an anisotropic nonlocal energy, preprint (2019).
  • Michele Di Cristo and Luca Rondi, Interior decay of solutions to elliptic equations with respect to frequencies at the boundary, preprint (2019).
  • Klas Modin, Adrian Nachman and Luca Rondi, A Multiscale Theory for Image Registration and Nonlinear Inverse Problems, Adv. Math. 346 (2019) 1009-1066.
  • José Antonio Carrillo, Joan Mateu, Maria Giovanna Mora, Luca Rondi, Lucia Scardia and Joan Verdera, The ellipse law: Kirchhoff meets dislocations, Comm. Math. Phys., online first, doi: 10.1007/s00220-019-03368-w.
  • Maria Giovanna Mora, Luca Rondi and Lucia Scardia, The equilibrium measure for a nonlocal dislocation energy, Comm. Pure Appl. Math. 72 (1) (2019) 136-158.
  • Hongyu Liu, Luca Rondi and Jingni Xiao, Mosco convergence for H(curl) spaces, higher integrability for Maxwell's equations, and stability in direct and inverse EM scattering problems, J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS) 21 (10) (2019) 2945-2993. updated
  • Luca Rondi, Discrete approximation and regularisation for the inverse conductivity problem, Rend. Istit. Mat. Univ. Trieste 48 (2016) 315-352.
  • Luca Rondi, A Friedrichs-Maz'ya inequality for functions of bounded variation, Math. Nachr. 290 (11-12) (2017) 1830-1839.
  • Hongyu Liu, Michele Petrini, Luca Rondi and Jingni Xiao, Stable determination of sound-hard polyhedral scatterers by a minimal number of scattering measurements, J. Differential Equations 262 (3) (2017) 1631-1670.
  • Luca Rondi, Fadil Santosa and Zhu Wang, A variational approach to the inverse photolithography problem, SIAM J. Appl. Math. 76 (1) (2016) 110-137.
  • Luca Rondi, Continuity properties of Neumann-to-Dirichlet maps with respect to the H-convergence of the coefficient matrices, Inverse Problems 31 (4) (2015) 045002 (24pp).
  • Luca Rondi and Mourad Sini, Stable determination of a scattered wave from its far-field pattern: the high frequency asymptotics, Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal. 218 (1) (2015) 1-54.
  • Jingzhi Li, Hongyu Liu, Luca Rondi and Gunther Uhlmann, Regularized Transformation-Optics Cloaking for the Helmholtz Equation: From Partial Cloak to Full Cloak, Comm. Math. Phys. 335 (2) (2015) 671-712.

For a complete list of my papers, please refer to my publications page. If you should have any problem in finding or downloading any of my papers, or if you would like any further information, please contact me (e-mail to luca.rondi at Any comment, suggestion or remark will be greatly appreciated. For further information please follow the links on the left.

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