Didattica/Lessons A.A. 2022/23

Prof.ssa M.P. Abbracchio

Stem cells in experimental and clinical pharmacology

Prof. D. Caruso – I. Eberini – F. Gardoni

Introduction to the UNITECH infrastructures for biomedical research

Prof.ssa M. Di Luca

Successful grant writing and preparation

Prof. R. De FrancescoDott. L. Manganaro

Viruses, enemies or precious allies? From the development of antiviral drugs to the use of viruses as therapeutic agents

Prof. Maurizio Crestani

The central role of metabolism in health and disease: concepts, omics approaches, their interpretation and applications

Prof.ssa T. Borsello

2D and 3D cell culture models to study neuroanatomy and neurophysiology

Prof. M. Riva – Dott.ssa A. Cattaneo

Development, characterization, validation of experimental models to investigate psychiatric disorders and the use of RNAseq technique to identify the underlying molecular mechanisms

Dott.ssa M. Casula

Basics of statistics and applications in biomedical research

Dott.ssa A. Cattaneo – Dott. A. Baragetti

Gut Brain- and Liver Brain- Axis: theoretical and practical aspects related to metagenomics

Prof. G.D. NorataProf. N. Zelcer 

Genetic approaches to study cellular metabolism. From a working hypothesis to a successful ERC application