Your Thesis with me

There are different projects of mine you can be involved in. Below a list, please do not hesitate to ask me!

Political polarization and journalists.  1) Investigating how the work of journalists influence political polarization and 2) how youngest voters perceive political polarization. Method: semi-structure interviews with journalists and young voters.

Only for those with skills in data analysis and use of Stata. Misinformation and Media Use during Covid time. Using two surveys with data collected during the pandemic to explore and correlate results with respect to issues such as misinformation, media use, fake news, polarization

Journalism and Wikipedia. Studying who are Wikipedia’s authors who write about current affair. How those entries are shaped.

Journalism ecology in YouTube. This reseach deals with how some global news organizations use its YouTube channel.

Journalism and social media. This research includes two different steps. First analyzing the way in which news organizations use their social media accounts (particularly Instagram). Then investigating how journalists themselves use social media. The research uses both in-depth interviews and digital methods.

Students find other projects I am running here. Feel free to discuss about those projects!