Elena Cariati

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at DC UNIMI

Expertise:  inorganic synthesis, spectroscopy, photophysics

Elena Cariati was born in Tradate, Italy, in 1968. She completed her Ph.D. degree in 1995 at the University of Milano. Her doctoral research, performed under the supervision of Professor Renato Ugo, was concerned with the use of silica as a reaction medium for the high-yield synthesis of various metal carbonyl compounds. In 1997 she spent one year as a Fullbright Fellow with Professor Peter C. Ford’s group at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During this year she studied the nonlinear optical (NLO) and luminescence properties of different Cu(I) complexes. From 1998 to 2005 she worked as researcher at the University of Milano studying the photophysical and NLO properties of organometallic and coordination compounds and the surface chemistry of carbonyl clusters and complexes. In 2001 she won the “Dott. Giuseppe Borgia” prize  from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei. Since 2005 she is Associate Professor For General and Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Milano.

Her research interests are in the following areas:

(1) Surface organometallic chemistry.

(2) Synthesis and characterization of hybrid inorganic-organic compounds with second order non-linear optical (NLO) properties.

(3) Synthesis and characterization of hybrid inorganic-organic compounds with luminescent properties.

She is author of 65 publications on highly qualified international journals.



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