• GIAMPIETRO GOBO is a Professor in Methodology of Social Research and Evaluation Methods. His research interests are around the controversy in medicine (e.g. the vaccination case), the relationship between quantum physics and social sciences, and the interaction among body, emotion and thought. He is currently undertaking projects in the area of coordination in team work (e.g. Grand Prix motorcycle racing) and workplace studies (open offices).

Specialities: cooperation and coordination studies, teamwork, language & interaction, discursive practices, distributed cognition, situated action, organisation studies, ethnography, ethnopragmatics, ethnomethodology, cognitive sociology.

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Specialities: formal semantics

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  • VALENTINA MARCHESELLI is a Post-Doc Research Fellow part of the “Culture and Cognition at Work” research project, she focuses on the social dynamics of interaction and coordination in music performance. She graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Bologna before embarking on a PhD in Science and Technology Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD research project drew insight from the ethnographic study of astrobiologists’ practices to address questions related to the emergence of new fields of inquiry and the social construction of scientific concepts such as “life”.

Specialities:  laboratory studies, semi-naturalistic experiments, ethnography, astrobiology, science and technology studies.

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  • BIANCA CEPOLLARO is a Post-Doc Research Fellow interested in pragmatics, philosophy of language, metaethics and experimental philosophy. She is primarly interested in theory of meaning and, in particular, in expressive and evaluative language. She earned a PhD in Philosophy and Linguistics, in a co-tutorship program between the Institut Jean Nicod (ENS, Paris) and the Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa). Afterwards, she was a post-doc fellow at IFILNOVA (Lisbon) in the project “Values in Argumentative Discourse”, then at the Faculty of Philosophy, San Raffaele University, in the project “Slurs, Hate speech and Discrimination”. Her current research project is titled “Experimental approaches in Cognitive Pragmatics”.
    Specialties: expressive language, evaluative language, presupposition, metaethics

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