About us

The research activities of the ISMER (Innovative Smart Materials for Environmental Remediation) group is primarily focused on the development of innovative organic, inorganic and hybrid materials (oxides, alloys, polymers, composites, organic-inorganic hybrids), their characterization and applications in water and air decontamination by different approaches (photo-sonodegradation, sorption and their combinations).

ISMER group is leader in advanced oxidation technologies for wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment and purification of water from persistent organic and inorganic pollutants. Air purification is investigated as well, thanks to a dedicated research line involving innovative photocatalysts mainly used in the building sectors.

The high and broad experience in photocatalysis and sonophotocalysis makes ISMER one of the reference group worldwide in these two sectors. Recently, in addition to these activities it is working on the development of innovative technologies for the production of “green” energy (Hydrogen) and for the solar steam generators to water purification.