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Linkage map: Apple Integrated Map 11

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Mapping population: Apple Integrated Map

Reference: Velasco et al. (2010) Nature Genetics 42: 822-839

Map type: integrated

Published linkage group name: 11

Corresponds to reference linkage group: 11

Author: Riccardo Velasco

Map developed at: Fondazione E. Mach, San Michele all'Adige, TN, Italy

Notes: The genetic maps that were used to develop the integrated map for metacontig anchoring were derived from six F1 populations totaling 720 individuals: 270 plants from the cross between 'Golden Delicious' and 'Scarlet', grown at FEM-IASMA (San Michele, TN, Italy), 88 plants from 'Golden Delicious' x 'Braeburn', IASMA; 91 plants from 'Golden Delicious' x 'McIntosh-Wijick', IASMA; 89 plants from 'Disc

Map length: 77.70

Markers on the map: 105