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Linkage map: M.27 x M.116 17

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Mapping population: M432 mapping population

Reference: Fernández-Fernández F. et al (2012) Tree Genetics & Genomes 8(5) 991-1002

Map type: integrated

Published linkage group name: 17

Corresponds to reference linkage group: 17

Author: Flicidad Fernández-Fernández

Map developed at: East Malling Research (UK), UK

Notes: A genetic linkage map of the M432 mapping progeny derived from the cross ‘M.27’?×?‘M.116’. The map contains a total of 324 molecular loci, 323 SSR markers, and the S locus. The map spans 17 linkage groups (LG1–LG17) and covers a total genetic distance of 1,229.5 cM.

Map length: 69.86

Markers on the map: 27