April 2022, (left to right) Lucio, Sara, Alessandra, Damiano, Sara, Mirko, Petra, Paolo and Aldo

Lucio Conti (PI) is associate professor of genetics. He teaches Biotecnologie vegetali industriali, Genetica (Bachelor degrees) and Molecular Genetics (MSc degree). His research revolves around the mode of action of plant hormones ABA and GA in the control of the switch to flowering under varying environmental conditions.

Damiano Martignago (Tenure track researcher – RTDa) studies how ABA signals are decoded at the shoot apex. He is also using the natural genetic variation of Arabidopsis to expose new alleles that affect the drought escape process.

Sara Colanero (Postdoc) uses Arabidopsis and tomato to understand how hormones ABA and GA signalling and production interact in the context of vegetative growth and how this impacts yield traits, stress responses and adaptability.

Paolo Korwin Krukowski (Postdoc) is using molecular approaches to identify how signals derived from changes in photoperiod and ABA accumulation are integrated at the chromatin levels.

Beatrice Landoni (Postdoc)

Aldo Sutti (MSc student in Molecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics) studies the natural variation of drought escape with Damiano Martignago.

Sara Cioffi (BSc student in Biotechnology) is currently an Erasmus Trainee at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne.

Previous Members:

Sara Castelletti , Beata Siemiatkowska (Post doc)

Alice Robustelli Test (PhD student)

Matteo Riboni and Giulia Castorina (PhD students and then Postdocs), co-supervised with Prof Chiara Tonelli

Eliana Mor, Giada Lavigna, Stefano Messina, Marco Furco, Jasmin Putri Nabila, Elia Mancini, Alessandra Lombardi, Silvia Longo, Jospeph Kumar (MsC Students)

Christian Ferraro, Silvia Paganini, Andrea Motta, Giulia Pozzi, Erika Fascini, Fabio Boiocchi, Carlotta Ferrario, Aldo Sutti, Andrea Persello, Chiara Arcari, Carlotta Nardi, Alessandra Bosc, Samuele Austoni, Petra Merzan, Mirko Efoglia (BSc students)

Marziye Rahimi (Visiting PhD student)