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(PI) Grant recipient for the Fondazione CARIPLO call “Research in inequalities” with the project “Building an inclusive identity to fight inequality (BID)”, November 2022

(PI) Grant recipient for the project “Turning opposition into support to immigration: the role of social norms” (joint with Cristina Cattaneo), Bank of Italy Research Grant, January 2021

Winner of the University of Milan Transition Grant Horizon 2020, November 2020

Selected for the prestigious Summer Institute on Field Experiments hosted by the University of Chicago and coordinated by Professor John List, July 2017

(PI) Grant winner for the project “Leading by example in a segregated community: A lab-in-the-field experiment in a South-African township” (UNU-WIDER project ‘Discrimination and Affirmative Action: What have we learnt so far?’), March 2015

(PI) Grant winner for the project “Sources of ambiguity, risk and insurance decisions” (‘Individuals and Risk – Analysis and Market Response’ Risk Foundation Chair, hosted by Université Paris-Dauphine and financed by Groupama), December 2014

Marie Curie fellowship for international mobility, 2004

Bassetti Foundation Ph.D. fellowship, 2002-2004

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