Levan Tielidze – The new Caucasus Glacier inventory

3 thoughts on “Levan Tielidze – The new Caucasus Glacier inventory”

  1. Lindsey Nicholson

    Does your inventory include an assessment of debris cover on the glaciers?
    I’m wondering if this new inventory will alter the Caucasus results for the debris cover mapping method of Scherler et al., 2018, which overestimates debris cover in this region as far as I can understand?

  2. Hi Lindsey, I don’t know if Levan is currently online…However, I can say that Levan showed in a recent paper that the new inventory indeed does change the debris cover estimates by Scherler et al. (2018): Tielidze et al. (2020): Supra-glacial debris cover changes in the Greater Caucasus from 1986 to 2014, The Cryosphere, 14, 585–598, https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-14-585-2020.
    cheers, Michael

  3. Hi Lindsey, sorry for the late reply. Poster session was too late for NZ time (4:00 am). I was actually expecting this question 🙂 and thank you Michael for pointing out our recent study.
    This new inventory (poster) is based on preliminary results and does not include any assessment of debris cover so far. However, we recently developed the new tool (based on SAR imagery) for detection of the debris covered area (this will be published in Journal of Glaciology very soon) and will decide if it worth to run this new tool for the regional assessment.

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