We’re hiring, again!


Duration: 2 years
We are looking for a very strong and highly motivated postdoctoral researcher in Logic to join Marcello D’Agostino and Hykel Hosni who are the PIs of the project “Logical Foundations and Applications of Depth-Bounded Probability”. This project is part of a 5 years “Excellence Scheme” which has been awarded in 2017 to The Department of Philosophy at the University of Milan “La Statale” in recognition of its leading role in research and innovative teaching.

 Project description

The successful candidate will work on the “Logical Foundations and  Applications of Depth-Bounded Probability” project. Its overarching  goal of is a formal theory of uncertainty quantification,  argumentation and decision-making which is both epistemologically  robust, and practically applicable. The motivating idea of this  project is the observation that real-world reasoners possess limited  resources. However, standard probabilistic methods systematically  disregard this feature and impose constraints that realistic  forecasters may never be able to attain. This project takes up the  challenge of developing a logically sound, computationally feasible  and therefore practically applicable theory of rational reasoning and  decision making under uncertainty.
For more precise details and bibliographic references please see
D’Agostino, M., T. Flaminio, and H. Hosni. 2016. “Rational Beliefs   Real Agents Can Have – A Logical Point of View”. Journal of Machine   Learning Research Workshop and Conference Proceedings 58, 97-109, Freely available online [here]

  Your duties

  – to present intermediate research results at international workshops and
  – to deliver publications in cooperation with the PIs;
  – to contribute to research activities of the Logic Group,
We will also expect you to help with the organisational tasks  connected to the project, including the organisation and attendance of  seminars related to the project.


Strong PhD in Logic and related areas with a solid background in at  least two of the following:
  – non classical logics
  – computational complexity
  – probability theory
  – formal argumentation theory
  – decision/game theory
  The ideal candidate has a very promising research profile and has the
  ability to publish in top international peer-reviewed journals in the
  wider area of Logic.
  The successful applicant has very strong interpersonal and
  organisational skills, and is enthusiastic about the collaborative
  approach research. An interest in carrying out small editorial duties
  is a plus.


  Your 12 month contract will start by 1st October 2019 (or as soon as
  possible thereafter). It will be renewed for another 12 months  subject to positive evaluation.

Sounds like you?

Then write an email to us:
–  Marcello D’Agostino <marcello.dagostino@unimi.it>,
– Hykel Hosni <hykel.hosni@unimi.it>

How to apply

Please follow carefully the instructions available hereDo not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any clarifications on the application procedure — especially if you’re not Italian: it may sound a bit awkward at first, but the application procedure is not too hard, see below.

FAQs on the application procedure

  1. I submitted my PhD thesis, but haven’t defended it yet — can I apply? Yes indeed, you can apply provided you send both of us evidence of submission. Alternatively you may ask your supervisor / Director of graduate studies to send a brief confirmation of your status by email to both of us
  2. I did not graduate in Italy — what do I have to attach to my application?  A full transcript of your BA/BSc and MA/MSc (or equivalent) with a translation in either Italian or English if the original is not written in either of those languages
  3. I am applying from outside Italy, do I submit online? Not exactly, you should submit by email addressing your email with all the required attachments to unimi@postecert.it and borse_assegni@unimi.it. The subject of your email must be ““Domanda concorso Assegno di Ricerca Prof. Marcello D’Agostino – Prof. Hykel Hosni Cod. ID: 4061”
  4. I am applying from Italy, do I submit online? No, you have to send a “raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno”, as required in the Italian version of the call.
  5. Do I need to send my cv in a separate email? In addition to the application email (point 3,4) you should also forward a signed copy of your CV — please fill out the form at the end of this file