The JUPITERLAB research in the Department of Pharmaceuticals Sciences – University of Milan is organized around two main research area: Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
The various research topics carried out within these themes are ideal for executing interdisciplinary research from a strong multidisciplinary basis.

Beside the up mentioned area JUPITERLAB is deeply involved in the identification of pharmaceutical impurities and in applying analitycal and preparative stereotechnologies to bioactive compound.

Our expertises

Discovery throught drug repositioning, SAR studies and computational aid  molecules or  compound libraries active on specific biological target(s) and molecular probes.

Medicinal Chemistry

Chemical Biology

Identification of pharmaceutical impurities

Analytical and preparative stereotechnologies

Research topics

Chemical processes and procedures using sustainable products and green chemistry approaches will be developed whenever if possible.

Potential dual ligands that target DPPIV and CAII

Recently multi-target drugs have raised considerable interest owing to their advantages in the treatment of complex diseases.
This novel pharmacological approach was applied in order to discover new potential ligands against two targets involved in Diabetes Mellitus.
These compounds were designed in collaboration with the MOLECULAR MODELLING & DRUG DESIGN UNIT.

Synthesis and characterization of impurities

The synthesis and the characterization of all the related substances or impurities is essential due to the crucial importance in the purity of a drug substance in the pharmaceutical industry. Given the synthetic scheme we study, synthetize and characterize the impurities.

Antimicrobial agents

Aim of the project is to synthetize new potential antimicrobial agents and to deepen the antimicrobial profile of a new and promising antimicrobial agent invented by the Lab and patented by UniMi in 2017. Indeed, a very detailed profile will suggest the application of the molecule in different fields such as textile, medical devices and surface coating.

Analytical and preparative stereotechnologies

The chiral purity of some molecules is fundamental to ensure their activities and it must be checked. Within this project we develop suitable and feasible procedures or methods to resolve enantiomeric pairs on a preparative or analytical scale.

Probe for personalized medicine and fundamental research

This research project aims at the development a platform technology with a significant potential in several biomedical areas. The developed technology will provide a new proteomics tool capable of analyzing within living cells the identity and composition of interacting partners of any protein of interest, or small molecule. In the context of personalized medicine, this technology would enable the analysis of known protein targets.


The Synthetic & Bioorganic Chemistry Unit is mainly dedicated to hit to lead medicinal chemistry and lead optimization. JUPITERLAB with the Molecular Modelling & Drug Design unit (VENUS and MARSLABs) forms the PHARMACEUTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY GROUP that is engaged in innovative, multidisciplinary and collaborative research programs in order to discover and develop new drugs or small molecules for improving human health and for investigation of diseases’s relevant mechanism.

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