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Mirrors in the Brain. How Our Minds Share Actions and Emotions. — by G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia, Oxford University Press: Oxford 2008. [Parsi edition 2014: Korean edition 2013; Russian edition 2012; Japanese edition 2009; German edition: Empathie und Spiegelneuronen. Surkhamp: Frankfurt a.m. 2008; French edition:Les Neurones miroirs. Odile Jacob: Paris 2008; Spanish edition: Las Neuronas Espejo. Paidos, Barcelona 2006; Italian edition:So quel che fai. Il cervello che agisce e i neuroni specchio. Raffaello Cortina, Milano 2006].

Papers and book chapters  

Preventing action slows down performance in perceptual judgment (2020) — by D. Quarona, M. Raffuzzi, M. Costantini & C. Sinigaglia Experimental Brain Research 10.1007/s00221-020-05948-y.

Neurotypical individuals fail to understand action vitality form in children with autism spectrum disorder  (2020) — by L. Casartelli, A. Federici, L. Fumagalli, A. Cesareo,  M. Nicoli, L. Ronconi, A. Vitale, M. Molteni, G. Rizzolatti &  C. Sinigaglia Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 10.1073/pnas.2011311117.

Vitality form expression in autism (2020) –by Casartelli, A. Cesareo, E. Biffi, G.C. Campione, L. Villa, M. Molteni & C. Sinigaglia Scientific Report 10.1038/s41598-020-73364-x.

Motor representation and knowledge of skilled action (2020) — by C. Sinigaglia & S. Butterfill. In E. Fridland & C. Pavese (eds.) Routledge Handbook on Skill and Expertise. Routledge, Oxford-New York: Chapter 22, 292-305.

Motor representation and action experience in joint action (2020) — by C. Sinigaglia & S. Butterfill. In A. Fiebich (ed.) Minimal Cooperation and Shared Agency. Springer, Dordrecht: Chapter 11, 181-193.

How tool-use shapes body metric representation: evidence from motor training with and without robotic assistance. (2019) — by V. Bruno, I. Carpinella, M. Rabuffetti, C. Sinigaglia, F. Garbarini & M. Ferrarin Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: 10.3389/fnhum.2019.00299.

How action performance affects object perception (2019 ) — by M. Costantini, L. Tommasi & C. Sinigaglia Experimental Brain Research.

Embodied Resonance (2018) — by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia. In A. Newen, L. De Bruin, S. Gallagher (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of 4 E Cognition  Oxford University Press, Oxford: 417-432.

Peripersonal space representation develops independently from visual experience (2017) — by E. Ricciardi, D. Menicagli, A.Leo, M. Costantini, P. Pietrini & C. Sinigaglia  Scientific Reports 7: 17673 DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-17896-9

Drawn together: When motor representations ground joint actions (2017) — by F. della Gatta, F. Garbarini, M. Rabuffetti, L. Viganò, S. Butterfill &  C. Sinigaglia Cognition 165 C: 53-60.

The mirror mechanism: a basic principle of brain function (2016)  — by G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia Nature Review Neuroscience dpi:10.1038/nrn2016.35

Press to grasp: how action dynamics shape object categorization (2015) — by S. Triberti, C. Repetto, M. Costantini, G. Riva & C. Sinigaglia  Experimental Brain Research DOI 10.1007/s00221-015-4446-y

Motor representation in goal ascription (2015) — by C. Sinigaglia & S. Butterfill In M.H. Fischer & Y. Coello (eds) Conceptual and Interactive Embodiment. Foundations of Embodied Cognition, vol. II. Routledge, Oxford UK: 149-164.

A puzzle about the relations between thought, experience, and the motoric (2015) — by C. Sinigaglia & S. Butterfill, Synthese 192 (6): 1923-1936.

The space of mirrors (2015)  — by C. Sinigaglia & G. Rizzolatti. In P.F. Ferrari & G. Rizzolatti (eds) New Frontiers in Mirror Neurons Research. Oxford University Press, New York: 331-347.

When a laser pen becomes a stick: remapping of space by tool-use observation in hemispatial neglect (2014) — by M. Costantini, F. Frassinetti, M. Maini, E. Ambrosini, V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia, Experimental Brain Research Jun 19. [Epub ahead of print]

Understanding action with the motor system (2014) — by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia, Behavioral Brain Science 37(2): 199-200. doi: 10.1017/S0140525X13002288.

Intention and motor representation in purposive action (2014) — by S. Butterfill & C. Sinigaglia, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 88 (1): 119-145.

The neural correlates of vitality form recognition: an fMRI study (2014) — by G. Di Cesare, C. Di Dio, M.J. Rochat, C. Sinigaglia, N. Bruschweiler-Stern, D. Stern, G. Rizzolatti, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 9 (7): 951-60.

How your hand drives my eyes (2014) — by M. Costantini, E. Ambrosini, P. Cardellicchio, C. Sinigaglia, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 9 (5):705-11.

Looking ahead: anticipatory gaze and motor ability in infancy (2013) — by E. Ambrosini, V. Reddy, A. de Looper, M. Costantini, B. Lopez, C. Sinigaglia, PLoS ONE, 8 (7):e67916. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0067916. Print 20

Impaired vitality form recognition in autism (2013) — by M.J. Rochat, V. Veroni, N. Bruschweiler-Stern, C.Pieraccini, F. Bonnet-Brilhault, C. Barthélémy, J Malvy, C. Sinigaglia, D. Stern, G. Rizzolatti, Neuropsychologia, 51 (10): 1918-1924.

Hierarchical and multiple hand action representation using temporal postural synergies (2013) — by G. Tessitore, C. Sinigaglia, R. Prevete, Experimental Brain Research doi: 10.1007/s00221-012-3344-9

Clarifying the role of the mirror system (2013) — by G. Hickok & C. Sinigaglia, Neuroscience Letters doi: 10.1016/j.neulet.2012.11.029.

What type of action understanding is subserved by mirror neurons?(2013) — by C. Sinigaglia, Neuroscience Letters doi: 10.1016/j.neulet.2012.10.016.

Cognition in action: A new look at the cortical motor system (2013) — by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia. In J. Metcalfe & H.S. Terrace (eds.) Agency and Joint Attention. Oxford University Press, New York: 178-195.

Understanding action from the inside (2013) — by G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia. In W. Prinz, M. Beisert & A. Herwig (eds.) Action Science: Foundations of an Emerging Discipline. MIT Press, Cambridge Mass: 201-227.

Does how I look at what are you doing depend on what I doing? (2012) — by M. Costantini, E. Ambrosini & C. Sinigaglia, Acta Psychologica, 141: 199-204.

Grasping affordances with the other’s hand (2012)by P. Cardellicchio, C. Sinigaglia & M. Constantini, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience doi: 10.1093/scan/nss017.

Out of your hand’s reach, out of my eyes’ reach  (2012)— by E. Ambrosini, M. Costantini & C. Sinigaglia, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65(5): 848-855.

Tie my hands, tie my eyes (2012)— by M. Costantini, E. Ambrosini & C. Sinigaglia, Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance,38(2): 263-266.

Seeing with the hands (2012) — by C. Sinigaglia. In F. Paglieri (ed.) Consciousness in Interaction: the Role of the Natural and Social Context in Shaping Consciousness. John Benjamins, Amsterdam: 225-235.

Grasping affordance: A window onto social cognition (2012)— by M. Costantini & C. Sinigaglia. In A. Seeman (ed.) Joint Attention: New Developments in Psychology, Philosophy of Mind, and Social Neuroscience. MIT Press, Cambridge Mass.: 431-470.

How the body in action shapes the self (2011) — by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 18, 7-8: 117-143.

Response to de Bruin and Gallagher: Embodied simulation as reuse is a productive explanation of a basic form of mind-reading  (2011) by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia, Trends in Cognitive Science, doi:10.1016/j.tics.2011.12

What is so special about embodied simulation? (2011) by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia, Trends in Cognitive Science, 15 (11): 512-519.

Through the looking glass: Self and others (2011) — by C. Sinigaglia & G. Rizzolatti, Consciousness and Cognition, 20: 64-74.

Grasping with the eyes (2011)— by E. Ambrosini, M. Constantini & C. Sinigaglia, Journal of Neurophysiology, Jun 8 [Epub ahead of print].

Tool-use observation makes far objects ready-to-hand (2011) — by M. Costantini, E. Ambrosini, C. Sinigaglia & V. Gallese, Neuropsychologia, 49 (9): 2658-2563.

Ready to your and my hands: Mapping the action space of others  (2011) — by M. Costantini, G. Committeri & C. Sinigaglia, PLoS ONE (4): e17923. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0017923

The space of affordances: A TMS study (2011) — by P. Cardellicchio, C. Sinigaglia & M. Costantini,  Neuropsychologia, 49(5):1369-1372.

Mirroring and making sense of others (2010) — by C. Sinigaglia, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11: 449.

The functional role of the parieto-frontal mirror circuit: Interpretations and misinterpretations (2011) —  by G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 11: 264-274.

The bodily self as power for action (2010) — by V. Gallese & C. Sinigaglia, Neuropsychologia 48: 746-755.

Where does objects trigger actions? An investigation about affordances in space (2010) — by M. Costantini, E. Ambrosini, G. Tieri, C. Sinigaglia & G. Committeri, Experimental Brain Research: doi 10.1007/s00221-010-2435-8.

Understanding actions of others: The electrodynamics of the left and right hemispheres. A high-density EEG neuroimaging study (2010)by S. Ortigue, C. Sinigaglia, G. Rizzolatti & S.T. Grafton, PloS ONE, 5(8): e12160. doi:10.1371.

Emotions in action through the looking glass (2010) — by C. Sinigaglia & L. Sparaci Journal of Analytical Psychology 55: 3-29.

Mirroring & understanding action (2010) — by C. Sinigaglia. In M. Suarez, M. Dorato, M Rédei (eds.) Epsa 07. Launch of the European Philosophy of Science Association. Vol II: Philosophical Issues in the Science. Dordrecht, Springer: 227-238.

Mirror in action (2009)by C. Sinigaglia, Journal of Consciousness Studies 16, 6-8: 309-334.

Motor cognition and its role in philogeny and ontogeny of action understanding  (2009) —  by V. Gallese, M. Rochat, G. Cossu, & C. Sinigaglia (2009) Developmental Psychology 45: 103-113.

Intention understanding in autism  (2009) — by S. Boria, M. Fabbri-Destro, L. Cattaneo, C. Sinigaglia, E. Santelli. G. Cossu & G. Rizzolatti (2009) PLoS ONE 4(5): e5596 doi: 10.11371/

Epistemic accuracy and subjective probability (2009)— by M. D’Agostino & C. Sinigaglia. In M. Suarez, M. Dorato, M Rédei (eds.) Epsa 07. Launch of the European Philosophy of Science Association. Vol. I:Epistemology and Methodology. Dordrecht, Springer: 95-106.

Further reflections on how we interpret the actions of others  (2008)by G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia, Nature 455: 589.

Mirror neurons: This is the question (2008) — by C. Sinigaglia, Journal for Consciousness Studies 15: 70-92.

Enactive understanding and motor intentionality (2008) — by C. Sinigaglia. In F. Morganti, A. Carassa, G. Riva (eds.) Enacting Intersubjectivity: A Cognitive and Social Perspective to Study of Interactions. IOS Press, Amsterdam: 17-32.

The mirror roots of social cognition (2008) — by C. Sinigaglia & L. Sparaci, Acta Philosophica 17 (2): 307-330.

Mirror neurons and motor intentionality (2007) — by G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia Functional Neurology 22 (4): 205-210.

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