FruitTOP lab

We are working to uncover the molecular and physiological mechanisms controlling
fruit senescence and maturation as well as seed/fruit cross talk in the model specie Arabidopsis thaliana 
by using molecular genetics, biochemistry and proteomic approaches.

We also verify whether the data collected using Arabidopsis can be transferred
to other species, we are mainly mainly members of the Solanaceae and Rosaceae families.

Within the frame of more applied research interests we use the yeast-two hybrid approach
to obtain peptide aptamers to be used as sustainable pesticides in agriculture.



3rd September 2021

New publication!

Game-changing alternatives to conventional fungicides: small RNAs and short peptides

Trends in Biotechnology


Via Celoria 26
3rd Floor, Building A
20133 Milan, Italy


Phone: +39.02.503.15039

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