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1. Phenomenology as Philosophical Method - translation by Michela Summa - published in Metodo. International Studies in Phenomenology and Philosophy Vol. 4, n. 1 (2016) ISSN 2281-9177.

2. Phenomenology of materials and field of decisions - Some reflections on the art of composing. Translation by Giovanni Piana - This text was published in The song of Seikilos dedicated to Dino Formaggio in his eightieth birthday by Guerini e Associati, Milan 1995, pp. 45-55

3. A praise of musical imagination - De Musica (1994)

4. History and Existence in Husserl's Manuscripts. English Translation by Anthony Roda, "Telos", October 1972. In 2012 this translation was highlighted as an article whose critical insights continue to illuminate our thinking and challenge our assumptions in this paper  Damien Booth, Intersubjectivity and Time: Piana on Husserl's Manuscripts, August 27, 2012.

5. Piana, G. (1998). Philosophy of music and its aim: a brief account. Axiomathes 9 (1-2), pp. 213-222.

6. Piana, G. (1996), The idea of a phenomenological structuralism - translation by Patrick Flack - published in Phenolomenological Reviews, Giovanni Piana: In Memoriam, 2020. DOI:10.19079/PR.s1.2

In German:

7. Die Idee eines phaenomenologischen Strukturalismus

In Portuguese / Brazilian language (full book):

8. A filosofia da Música, Edusc, Bauru 2001.

An English-language list of his publication is at the Open Commons of Phenomenology. Please note that it does not yet contain the full series of the Complete Works, downloadble from this link. They have been produced by Piana himself in 2013, providing a systematic reordering of all its production. Notably, he destroyed all the materials from the University courses to provide a clean and complete representation of his thinking.