The Jean Monnet Module on “Multilevel, Multiparty and Multisector Cross-Border Litigation in Europe” is a three-year long teaching and research project funded by the European Union and implemented by Universit√† degli Studi, Milan. It focuses on civil litigation in a cross-border dimension, which presents greater complexity than domestic litigaton, due to differences in legal traditions and regimes, as well as in cultural and social values among jurisdictions. A recent EU Study (“An evaluation study of national procedural laws and practices in terms of their impact on the free circulation of judgments and on the equivalence and effectiveness of the procedural protection of consumers under EU consumer law” – JUST/2014/RCON/PR/CIVI/0082) shows that Member States’ procedural law regimes are still far from being harmonized, what negatively impacts on free circulation of judgments, equivalence and effectiveness of procedural protection and the functioning of the internal market.

Multilevel Cross-Border Litigation

Relations and conflicts between national courts, European courts and international tribunals.

Multiparty Cross-Border Litigation

Collective redress procedures in a comparative, European and cross-border perspective

Multisector Cross-Border Litigation

Litigation – and related procedural issues – arising out of civil and commercial transactions in different legal fields: financial law, IP law, labour law, consumer law, family law…