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Detailed and updated information for students is given in the Italian version.
All the special events connected with didactics and research are announced on the page avvisi. Students must also constantly refer to the Ariel pages of the courses.
We are constantly working to improve this website, especially for the use of students. Useful tools for students are our little indian art archive and the list of links in the Italian version of the website.

COURSES 2022-2023

Lingua e letteratura sanscrita (first level), 6/9 CFU
Dr. Paola M. Rossi, 1st semester

Indologia, 6/9 CFU
Prof. C. Pieruccini, 2nd semester

Storia dell'arte dell'India e dell'Asia Centrale, 6/9 CFU
Prof. C. Pieruccini, 2nd semester

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