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This archive has been designed by Dr Chiara Diliberto as a part of her MA dissertation, defended on June 2012; she has created all the pages.

The continuation of this project has received financial support from the Rector of Milan University.

All the pictures included so far belong to Cinzia Pieruccini, except: Mahabalipuram, Various works and monuments, p. 2, nn. 4-5, which belong to Massimo Vai.
The popular prints belong to Cinzia Pieruccini.

Mahabalipuram (C. Pieruccini): 2008-2009.
Mahabalipuram (M. Vai): 2008, 2003.
Kailasanatha Temple, Kanchipuram (C. Pieruccini): 2008
Islamic Delhi (C. Pieruccini): January 2010.

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