Final program

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1) Cellular handling of aberrant neurotoxic proteins
2) Non cell autonomous toxicity
3) Organelles alterations in neurodegeneration
4) Epigenetics and gene regulation diseases
5) Pharmacological perspectives in neurodegenerative diseases

Plenary lectures:
- Harry Orr (USA)
- Andrea Ballabio (Italy)
Confirmed Speakers: Ralph A. Nixon (USA), Sandrine Humbert (France), Kenneth H Fischbeck (USA), Francesco Cecconi (Italy), Jochen Herms (Germany), Antonio Musaro' (Italy), Maria Pennuto (Italy), Marta Valenza (Italy), J. Paul Taylor (Usa), Albert La Spada (USA), Ernest Fraenkel (USA), Matthew J Wood (UK), Maria Teresa Carri' (Italy), Marian Di Figlia (USA), Cecilia Bucci (Italy), Larry Wrabetz (Italy), Noel Buckley (UK), Peng Jin (USA), Brent Stockwell (USA), Andrea Caricasole (Italy), Paolo Paganetti (Switzerland), Bernhard Landwehrmeyer (Germany)


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