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Quantum characterization and control of quantum complex systems (#171 Lake Como School of Advanced Studies)

We are pleased to announce the #171 Lake Como School of Advanced Studies “Quantum Characterization and Control of Quantum Complex Systems”.

When: September 19-23, 2022
Where: Villa del GrumelloComo, which is set in a park over Como lake
Application deadline: June 5, 2022

Prof. Christiane Koch, (Freie University of Berlin, DE) “Introduction to Quantum Control”
Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco , (University of Helsinki, FI) TBA
Prof. Klaus Mølmer , (Aarhus University, DK) TBA
Prof. Pierre Rouchon, (Mines Paris Tech, FR) “Quantum Stochastic Master Equation in Discrete and Continuous Time”
Prof. Alessio Serafini, (UCL, London, UK) “The limits of coherent feedback control”
Prof. Roberta Zambrini, (IFISC Mallorca, ES) “Quantum complex systems for machine learning”

For more information, further updates and applications visit .


We are happy to announce our next seminar.

Speaker: Alessandro Candeloro (University of Milan, ITA)
When: Wednesday, 8th September 2021, 3PM (CET time)
Where: online (Zoom)

Title: Properties of the asymptotic incompatibility measure in multiparameter quantum estimation

We address the use of asymptotic incompatibility (AI) to assess the quantumness of a multiparameter quantum statistical model. AI is a recently introduced measure which quantifies the difference between the Holevo and the SLD scalar bounds, and can be evaluated using only the symmetric logarithmic derivative (SLD) operators of the model. At first, we evaluate analytically the AI of the most general quantum statistical models involving two-level (qubit) and single-mode Gaussian continuous-variable quantum systems, and prove that AI is a simple monotonous function of the state purity. Then…. (attend the seminar to know the rest)

Alessandro Candeloro, Matteo G. A. Paris, Marco G. Genoni
On the properties of the asymptotic incompatibility measure in multiparameter quantum estimation


We are happy to announce that we will have two group seminars next Tuesday. Here below all the details

Speaker: Cristoforo Travaglini
Title: Conservation of orbital angular momentum in realistic two-photon entangled states

Speaker: Iris Paparelle
Title: Implementation and security analysis of continuous variable quantum secure direct communication

When: Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 2:30PM (CET time)
Where: online (Zoom)


We are happy to announce that we will have two group seminars next Tuesday. Here below all the details

Speaker: Moritz Richter
Title: Classicality of quantum processes with informationally complete measurements

Speaker: Giacomo Piscia
Title: Multi-parameter quantum metrology with time-continuous measurements

When: Tuesday, 18th May 2021, 2:30PM (CET time)
Where: online (Zoom)

Seminar by Alessandro Candeloro

We are happy to announce our next seminar.

Speaker: Alessandro Candeloro (University of Milan, ITA)
When: Tuesday, 4th May 2021, 2:30PM (CET time)
Where: online (Zoom)

Title: Measurement-powered engine

In the quantum realm, irreversibility primarily comes from the measurement process. From a thermodynamical point of view, the latter plays a role similar to a hot source with the noticeable difference that, in this case, the fuel is not thermal but quantum. In this seminar, the concept of a measurement-fueled engine based on a single qubit will be introduced, revealing the energetic counterpart of measurement devices. Then, the measurement process will be described from a quantum perspective, considering the creation of quantum correlations between the system to measure and a quantum meter. Energy and entropy flow along this process will be studied, unveiling the microscopic origin of the measurement fuel, and proving that entanglement plays a crucial role in the fueling mechanism. These can be regarded as a new class of heat engines in which there is no thermal bath, and the only source of fuel and noise is the measurement itself.

New Visiting Scholar and Seminar

Heng-Ji Li from the School of Computer Science of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications is going to join our group as a visiting scholar starting from April 2021.
Welcome on board Heng-Ji!

He is going to deliver our group seminar. See the details here below.

Speaker: Heng-Ji Li (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CHN)
When: Wednesday, 7thh Aprile 2021, 3PM (CET time)
Where: online (Zoom)

Title: Accomplishing quantum information tasks with coined quantum walks

Quantum walks (QWs) have received much attention due to their many potential applications for quantum information processing in recent years. In our work, we take advantage of the properties of coined quantum walks to accomplish some quantum information tasks, such as quantum teleportation, quantum information splitting and quantum teleportation of shared quantum secret. To do it, different kinds of models of QWs are used, such as QWs with multiple walkers, coins and so on. This work opened wider application of QWs and provided inspiration to explore the potential applications of QWs.

Seminar by Abolfazl Bayat

We are happy to announce our next seminar.

Speaker: Abolfazl Bayat (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CHN)
When: Thursday, 14th January 2020, 3PM (CET time)
Where: online (Zoom)

Title: Driving enhanced quantum sensing in partially accessible many-body systems

Ground state criticality of many-body systems is a resource for quantum enhanced sensing, namely Heisenberg precision limit, provided that one has access to the whole system. We show that for partial accessibility the sensing capacity of a block in the ground state reduces to sub-Heisenberg limit. To compensate for this, we drive the system periodically and use the local steady state for quantum sensing. Remarkably, the steady state sensing shows a significant enhancement in its precision in comparison with the ground state and even shows super-Heisenberg scaling for a certain range of frequencies. The origin of this precision enhancement is found to be the closing of the Floquet gap. This is in close correspondence with the role of the vanishing energy gap
at criticality for quantum enhanced ground state sensing with global accessibility.