Quantum Expo

LogoQuantumExpoQuantum Expo” is a series of one-day workshops on Quantum Technology where junior and senior scientists may interact on specific advanced topics at the edge of current research. Each workshop is devoted to a specific (hot!) topic in quantum technology and involves two complementary (or even contradictory) talks delivered by internationally recognized scientists. Each workshop also include one or two short talks delivered by junior scientists (submissions encouraged: contact us!)

Past Quantum Expo workshops (Posters with Abstracts)

  • Quantum Information and Control (S. Mancini, M. Genoni) poster.pdf (24 February 2015)
  • Quantum Estimation and Metrology (G. Adesso, D. Braun) poster.pdf (18 February 2015)
  • Il racconto della scienza (P. Liberti) poster.pdf (27 January 2015)
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics and communication (M. Paternostro, V. Giovannetti) poster.pdf (11 December 2014)
  • Quantum-enhanced communication and cryptography (K. Banasek, P. Villoresi) poster.pdf (27 November 2014)
  • Quantum Open Systems and Thermodynamics (P. Verrucchi, L. Campos Venuti) poster.pdf (6 November 2014)
  • Quantum metrology and decoherence (Demokowicz-Dobrzanski, Maccone) poster.pdf (3 October 2014)

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