Seminar by Stefano Polla

Stefno Polla (Universiteit Leiden, Casimir Research School) will deliver a seminar on Wed, 25 July 12.00 at AQM room @ LITA 5th floor:

Towards cluster states from single photon sources

Cluster and graph states are classes of many-qubit multipartite entangled states and are a potential resource for many quantum computation and communication schemes. For the subclass of linear cluster states, simple and robust realization schemes are known which require a quantum memory (spin qubit). In this work, we explore the production of photonic cluster states without such a memory, using a cavity enhanced III-V quantum dot single photon source. Consecutive photons from this source can be turned into a photonic cluster state by using a probabilistic polarization entangling gate. We show characterization of the setup and first steps towards this goal.