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Interview about controversial advertisements on Sacro&Profano newsletter.

April 13, 2024

I spoke with Lucandrea Massaro about the use of religion in advertising campaigns in light of a TV ad aired this week, which stirred controversy for mixing snacks and the Eucharist. The interview is available here.

Research featured in La Ragione

April 9, 2024

My research was featured in a La Ragione piece by Ilaria Donatio on the use of religious symbols in advertising and politics. Read the article here.

Research featured in the Corriere della Sera’s cultural supplement, La Lettura.

March 31, 2024

My research on the renewed public presence of religion was featured in a piece by Marco Rizzi for Corriere della Sera‘s La Lettura. The article is available here.

Interview on Radio24 about religion in pop culture today.

March 17, 2024

Interview with Marialuisa Pezzali, host of “Essere e Avere” on Radio24, about the use of religious references in pop culture. The interview is available here.

Magazine piece on possession rituals and popular religion just published on MissioniOggi.

March 1, 2024

An article, authored by me, on the transformations in ritual possession just came out in MissioneOggi magazine. The article is available here.

Interview about the public use of religion on “Il posto delle parole” podcast.

February 25, 2024

I spoke with Livio Partiti about the renewed public presence of religions in Italy and around the globe. Episode details are available here.

Vienna hosts international workshop on the reuse of church buildings.

September 30, 2023

At a workshop, co-organized by me and sponsored by the International Society for the Sociology of Religion, which took place in Vienna from 27 to 30 September 2023, international scholars discussed how church buildings are finding new uses across Europe. Here is the flyer of the event. And here is the workshop program.