The Mentorship Programme

Anteprima a pieno schermo

The Mentorship programme is available to the young generation of teachers, PhD candidates and researchers in European Union studies subject areas.

All tutors are carefully trained and supervised by ISLC. Each tutor is highly qualified, has an extensive background in law school tutoring and teaching.
The programme is also available to all students enrolled within University Faculty of law as well as to high school students interested in the field of study and in receiving advices on career opportunities in the field and to high school teachers wishing to improve their knowledge on the topic.
Foreseen activities could be, for example, advice on career opportunity, better explanation of concepts covered during the training, drafting of a study plan, advises of international opportunities in the field, promotion of relevant conferences and events in the EU territory. The programme works as an open help desk.


  • Increased knowledge of European data governance and security issues among participants;
  • Increased number of students choosing a career in the field;
  • Increased number of students enrolling in courses on the topics.

When:Thursday from 11.00 to 11.30, by email to

Where: ISLC – Information Society Law Center, Dipartimento “Cesare Beccaria”Università degli Studi di Milano Via Festa del Perdono n. 7, 20122, Milano, Italy.