Nazareno Panichella (Milan, 1982) is an Italian sociologist. He is Associate Professor of Economic Sociology at the Department of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Milan.

Ongoing Project

  • (2022-2023) Principal Investigator of the project  Ethnic Inequalities. A Multidimensional Analysis of Migrants’ Penalty on Occupational Achievement and Health in Italy (MEI) (~200,000 Euros, Fondazione Cariplo)
  • (2021-2025) Principal Investigator of Miur-Prin Grant School, Work, Family and Mobility across Marginal and Central Areas (~700,000 Euros).
  • (2021-2023) Principal Investigator of the Fondazione Cariplo grant  Opportunities and Constraints in Marginal and Central Areas’ (~200,000 Euros)  (~200,000 Euros)

Research groups and activities


Geographical inequalities and the labor market; social stratification and social mobility; employment integration of immigrants; geographical mobility and occupational trajectories; labor market and occupational structure; inequalities in educational opportunities; relationship between educational systems and the labor market; sociology of the family; methodology and techniques of social research.

Married with Mariangela, two children (Michele and Francesco)

University of Milan
Department of Social and Political Sciences (SPS)
Via Conservatorio, 7
20122 Milano (Italy)
Phone (office): (+39) 02. 503.21165