B. Keirsblick, E. Terryn, Consumer Protection in a Circular Economy
Intersentia, October 2019, 347 pp.
This book explores the concept of a circular economy from both a legal and an interdisciplinary perspective.
F. Hofmann, F. Kurz, Law of Remedies
Intersentia, September 2019 – 296 pp.
With the increasing importance of the concept of remedies in European private law, this book focuses on remedies as a distinctive and novel field of European legal research and considers the common law tradition as well as the civil law viewpoint.
F. M. Wilk (ed.), A Conceptual Analysis of European Private International Law
Intersentia, February 2019 – 416 pp.
This book systematically and exhaustively analyses existing PIL rules and issues in EU and national legislation, covering all EU Member States in the process. It then demonstrates that the characteristics of PIL themselves imply a framework for ‘general issues’ – independently from language, codification or underlying legal tradition.
A. Dutta, W. Wurmnest (eds.), European Private International Law and Member State Treaties with Third States
Intersentia, July 2019 – 468 pp.
This book analyses the background, scope and practical impact of bilateral treaties and multilateral conventions concluded by selected Member States of the European Union with Third States, both from the European and the Third State perspective.
J. von Hein, E.M. Kieniger, G. Ruehl (eds.), How European is European Private International Law
Intersentia – September 2019 – 376 pp.
Over the course of the last few decades, the European legislature has adopted a total of 18 Regulations in the area of private international law. The question remains, however, if these efforts have turned private international law into a truly European field? The book analyses – for the first time – how ‘European’ European private international law actually is.
E. Guinchard (ed.), Rome I and Rome II in Practice
Intersentia – November 2020 – 670 pp.
This book is devoted to the applicable law to contractual and non-contractual obligations in the European Union as applied before the Courts. It is a valuable resource for practitioners, the judiciary, and academics who are interested in understanding how EU law is applied on national level.
J. Gray, Party Autonomy in EU Private International Law – European Family Law
Volume 49 – January 2021 – 352 pp.
This book is a comprehensive analysis of the choice of court and choice of law provisions that apply to cross-border family matters and succession in EU private international law.
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European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters
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