Edition 2020

“Go beyond! Go beyond reading textbooks: put it into practice. Go beyond learning: become passionate about it. Go beyond working alone: share your work with your team towards a common goal. Go beyond what seems impossible: find yourself on the other side with a smile. “Go beyond” describes what the Pax Moot experience taught me. And this is why I strongly suggest you to go beyond where you are now and become a member of the next Unimi Pax Team!”Giulia Maria Servida

“This competition gave me the opportunity, for the first time, to understand firsthand what being a lawyer means: the research, the study, the analytical reasoning, the advocacy and the teamwork all mixed with a handful of satisfaction and personal growth. Being able to interact with other students, who share the same interests and aspirations as me with regards to private international law, not only was educational but also a lot of fun: without even noticing I grew both academically and personally. That is why I strongly suggest you to dive into this exciting experience!” – Aurora Sophie Sambati

The Pax Moot Asser Round Edition Team is composed of four people: Aaron Phillips, Giulia Maria Servida, Riccardo Rossi, Aurora Sophie Sambati. Unfortunately, due to the striking of the Covid-19 pandemic , this edition took exceptionally place online.