Edition 2021

“Taking part in the PAX Moot has been a decisive milestone in my path as a law student. It made me completely rethink the approach to legal matters and taught me how to face challenges that seemed to be unbeatable. In addition, it has been an occasion to work closely with my teammates, creating bonds and friendships that I will always carry with me. I would suggest to every law student to embark on this adventure”.Lorenzo Suzzi

The Pax Moot Von Mehren Round Edition Team is composed of four people: Gaia Filocamo, Giorgia Finezzo, Lucia Onofri, Lorenzo Suzzi.

“If you’re looking for a challenge that can get you out of your comfort zone, if you’re eager to put into practice what you’ve been studying for the past few years, and if you want to improve your english and develop all new skills in legal advocacy and strategy, the PAX Moot team is where you belong”. – Gaia Filocamo

“Pax moot is a great opportunity to enhance soft and hard skills and to improve public speaking abilities. My teammates and I put in action what, as law students, we read and studied on books, in an interactive and international environment. I strongly recommend the participation to the competition to whoever want to meet new people, enhance their CV, and experience a challenging and dynamic environment”. – Lucia Onofri