Why to Participate

1. Expertise in strategical legal fields

Taking part in the Pax Moot will allow students to familiarize and deepen their knowledge in legal fields which are of utmost importance for an international career in law, such as international civil procedure, private international law, European civil procedure, comparative law.

2. Carrying out legal research

Under the supervision of the coaches, each team member will learn how to carry out the necessary legal research to support the relevant arguments and the parties’s case while drafting the memoranda, using different Italian and foreign databases, both in paper format and in electronic versions.

3. Learning techniques on written and oral legal advocacy in English

Students will learn the fundamental techniques on written and oral legal advocacy in English, which are of the utmost importance for lawyers involved in a cross-border litigation and arbitration setting. Indeed, writing and orally pleading well, in an organized, convincing and fluent manner is a powerful tool in the practice of law.
Students will be trained in identifying and framing, in each legal dispute, the key legal, factual and evidential issues; using skeleton arguments and the architecture of writing; presenting a legal argument in a manner which is clear, well organized, fluent, effective and persuasive; adopting the proper drafting style, with particular attention devoted to simplification, visualization, selection of adjectives and adverbs; quoting literature and case law; preparing a pleading for an oral hearing; organizing the arguments, working on opening and closing statements, preparing effective roadmaps and requests for relief; improving debating skills; developing self-confidence in answering forseeable and unforseeable questions from tribunals without hesitation or uncertainties.

4. Teamwork

Students will learn how to work in team. Teamwork and team building are fundamental abilities and skills in any working environment. They help group’s members to better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. They set the tone for a positive work culture and strengthen individual members’ unique contributions. They increase productivity and develop the collective potential and by channeling that increased productivity into a fun, inclusive team building activity, teams can bond in a more effective way than by other methods. They enhance the motivation to work, the creativity and general enthusiasm. They foster and improve communication and trust among teams’ members.

5. International network

Participation in the Pax Moot competition will offer the unique opportunity to enter in contact with a worldwide network of eminent and outstanding academics, professionals, arbitrators, officers of international arbitration institutions and international organizations. Every year hundreds of people gather in The Hague/Brussels for the final stage of the competition. Many people met during the Moot will become friends for life.

6. A stepping stone for a successful career in law

For many students, participation in the Pax Moot has been a life-changing experience, for the huge professional opportunities it offered for a successful career in the legal profession.

7. The best possible experience

Participation in the Moot competition will probably be the best experience students can do during their universities’ studies, if not in their entire life…